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The Place of Creativity in Business Operations

What it is about creativity that the business world just doesn’t get it sometimes? And we are not talking about abstract art, but about simple and creative ways to solve a problem. Any problem. From a better understanding of a potential customer's needs, thru the development of a new department to employer branding campaigns and everything in between.

In this article, we take a deeper dive into the relationship between creativity and business.

All the positives of creative thinking in the business

There is a tremendous amount of added value in creativity. Especially practiced in a business environment. Here are some key moments we want to mention:

  1. Creativity as a way of thinking – something you want to embed into your employees is using creativity in their thinking. Not every problem has been solved this way, but hey, a sprinkle of creative thoughts here and there makes the minds of everybody think of a solution. Either way, the right decision will be reached eventually.

  2. Overcoming challenges more easily via creative solutions – creativity has no real challenges. A creative mind will think of hundreds of ideas until it connects the dots that will create the final working solution. So, it is fair to say that defeating a problem from a creative thinker would be way easier.

  3. To solve rather tough problems – connected to the previous point – no matter how hard it is to solve a problem, a creative mind will find a way to do it. It may take a while but there will be a working solution even to the toughest problem.

  4. To create new opportunities – alternative ways of thinking lead to new opportunities. Some unconventional idea would be the key to opening a whole new door where a ton of unlocked potential has been lying and waiting to be discovered. Just a small step outside the box can lead to this new business opportunity of your dreams.

  5. To come up with new ideas – is almost self-explanatory but we wanted to also throw this in the mix since it adds tremendous value to business operations. New ideas are as valuable as new opportunities because the first one who came up with an idea has a competitive advantage. Speed and timing are the other 2 elements that round up the successful outcome.

This and many more positives have the use of creativity in business operations.

Creativity as part of business success

The end business goal is always set to be more growth, more success, and better brand recognition. Creativity adds extra value to this by enforcing good business practices, better individual performance, and new opportunities. Creativity is often also in the center when some sort of innovation is emerging. And success is even more often measured thru major R&D breakthroughs. Give your employees the creative freedom to expand every inch of their potential so that will lead to positive financial results.

How to foster creativity in your organization?

If you want to yield from the creativity of your employees – here are some effective tips you can implement into your organization:

  1. Brainstorming is as much needed as performing repetitive tasks. Give them the prerequisites to do so – (dedicated) time, space (meeting room), and tools (whiteboard). Set the stage for brainstorming and you will be amazed what kind of ideas will come up from your sessions.

  2. The business atmosphere is also important. A creative work environment entails good lighting, a comfortable temperature, a sound(less) environment, and encouragement from the upper level to come up with creative solutions. So, let your employees know that you value their thoughts and respect their working needs.

  3. Implement good ideas regularly. If you are looking for creative solutions but never actually implement them, you need to start doing it. Your employees notice when you aim to make a change but never really do it. Bit the bullet and go for good ideas.

  4. Diversity matters. Hiring, retaining, and nourishing a diverse team means sparkles of creativity. Since every individual is bringing so many different backgrounds to the table – the ideas of creative thoughts might be limitless. D&I is not a trend but a real way to unlock hidden opportunities.

Does creativity make you more productive?

There is a correlation between creativity and productivity. While creativity is mainly focused on the quality of the work, productivity on the other hand ensures the development of thought. The motion process that comes after a brainstorming session is the actual work you put to make ideas a reality. Productivity helps in pushing you thru the longest process – making things done in an effective way and on time. There doesn’t need to be a trade-off between the two, but a symbiosis between creativity and productivity for a successful outcome.


Creativity is a way of expressing your thought but in business operations – it plays a crucial role in research and development, innovation and culture. By stimulating a creative workspace, a company might benefit from implementing good ideas into the business processes. Practicing creative thinking every so often gives room for improvement and finding new ways to solve rather complicated problems.

More resources on the topic:

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