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Panaton Inc.

Panaton is the US subsidiary of Sirma Group, founded 2006, Delaware C-Corp, HQ in Boise, Idaho. The company is specialized in software engineering, system integration and product design.

about us

We are a software engineering firm with extensive experience building multi-disciplinary products and solutions. Our projects range from short engagements that produce simple mobile apps to multi-year collaborations on turn-key consumer electronics products that require us to design custom hardware and OS drivers, supporting ERP and Enterprise IT platforms, cloud IoT and fleet management, real-time analytics, and integrate with CRM, sales and support solutions.


Our teams are world class. We strive to be the highest quality and value provider – not the lowest cost one. We also have over 15 years of average hands-on coding experience, across multiple technologies, vertical markets and platforms. While many of our staff hold M.Sc. or Ph.D. degrees in computer, mathematics and information sciences, we believe that academic excellence is only a starting point for becoming an outstanding software engineer.


When we select and recommend technology stacks and toolchains, we consider our clients’ existing investment in team, technology, and infrastructure. We try to understand the expertise, priorities, and focus of the product management, IT and software teams, and the CISO office. We consider the costs of hiring local talent and, of course, the business’ budgetary considerations both in the short and long term. Having all this in mind we managed to design and develop a fantastic range of software solutions for our clients. 

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