our team 

Unlike many of the body shops that call themselves software companies out there, we recruit many of our best people while they are still in college, based on growth potential and character, not just on resume and job description skills checkboxes.

We also have plenty of "gray hairs," some of whom have been with the company for close to 30 years.

We embrace diversity and have staff in (alphabetically) Albania, Argentina, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Switzerland, The United Kingdom, and The USA

One of the senior "old hands," Galin G, is responsible for front-end teams on some of our most important client projects.

Galin G.png

Meet The Team


This is not an employee of ours, actually.

However, we work with our clients so closely that it is only fitting to include one of the best product managers we have had the pleasure of working with as part of our team. Cheers, Mr. Chill

Bozhidar M is one of our "young guns." We recruited him while still in college, and by his mid-twenties, he now leads one of our "black-belt" back-end Java teams.

Bozhidar M.png

Although he went from being a "real" software engineer to programming spreadsheets and power points, we still like him. Our Big Cheese, Tsvetan A is very much a part of the team.