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Our Latest Work

We proud ourselves in taking the heavy lifting job on the software development side. This is why when we select and recommend technology stacks and toolchains, we consider our clients’ existing investment in team, technology and infrastructure. We try to understand the expertise, priorities and focus of the product management, IT and software teams and the CISO office. We consider the costs of hiring local talent and, of course, the business’ budgetary considerations both in the short and long term. Having all this in mind we managed to design and develop a fantastic range of software solutions for our clients. Here is a list of them:

Fraud Detection /


We helped them move from their own data center to AWS and re-engineered their systems that were tapped-out at handling 1,500 transactions per second to 10K per second, by replacing Oracle and php with a combination of Lambda services and custom Redis and Dynamo implementations. We also develop and support the Kount SDKs that their clients use to integrate the Kount service in their shopping carts.

Cyber Security

We developed a comprehensive 3rd party risk and internal vulnerability management platform. With majority of its clients on the US Critical Infrastructure providers list in Energy, Financial services, Manufacturing and government agencies, our solution manages large scale, highly critical and sensitive information set.


Document Management and Certifications

Developed from scratch the GoldShovel platform that has become a US national standard for certifying excavation companies. Over 1,500 construction companies on the platform today.

IoT and Consumer Electronics

Panaton designed and implemented embedded software for custom hardware + mobile apps and cloud / web infrastructure for Energous (NASDAQ:WATT) Our turn-key products won 3 CES 2015 awards.


IoT and Cyber Security hardware

Developed custom cyber security device hardware with cooperation with NXP Semiconductor for Fortress Cyber Security. Won one of the 30 Most Innovative Products at CES 2017. 

EDA / Scientific Computing

NASDAQ:RESN – cloud migration of the company's proprietary desktop (MATLAB) surface acoustic wave chip design and full FEM acoustic simulation software. Developed portions of the Electromagnetic Simulation software for the Infinite Synthesized Networks® (ISN®) software tools platform and implemented a full Fab/Wafer process control workflow software solution.


Custom Software Development

We developed a custom Conservation Management solution that the NGA funded using a grant from the Mellon foundation. It is deployed to leading Museums  in the US and Europe. This was based on our own GraphDB software (made by one of our sister companies called Ontotext)

Customer Service Bots

Chat Bot / AI

We at Panaton develop customer service bots, mostly used by banks.


Custom Software Development

For insurance company PetsBest - developing an automatic veterinarian invoice classifier that determines the correct medical service codes based on the content of submitted invoices.

Medical Systems Software


We designed and implemented the MPI-2 stuttering treatment platform in collaboration with the inventors of the treatment system, who are two tenured speech pathology professors at UCSB. MPI-2 is a biofeedback, vocal cord vibration driven system that is the only stuttering treatment for adult developmental stutters that has gone through clinical trials and is based on peer-reviewed research.

loyax logoo.png

Custom Software Development

Consumer Loyalty: We offer our own turnkey, white-label Loyalty system, Loyax.

Loyalty Program

Based on our loyalty platform Loyax developed a custom mobile+ back-end solution for Santa Barbara Axxess that services 1,500 merchants and 40,000 subscribers


Medical Systems Software

We offer what we think is the best Diabetes management solution paired with a comprehensive mobile app suite, called Diabetes-M.

Dekstop + Enterprise Search / e-Discovery

We design the server platforms and for over 10 years provided software development outsourcing for X1 Technologies, an IdeaLab startup in Pasadena, California. The system targets eDiscovery and Enterprise search clients, as well as individual consumer desktops.


Energy / Utilities / IoT


For this IoT solution we reworked the embedded solar panel micro-inverter controller software and cloud-based customer and installer portal system. Once launched the system collected 1.5B data transactions per month from residential and SMB solar installations world-wide. The company is now owned by Enphase (SolarBridge - acquired by SunPower).

Franchise Business Solutions

We redesigned and implemented the nation-wide franchisee operations system for Oasis Senior Advisors. The system is a combination of custom CRM and franchise management as used by both corporate and franchisees to operate the delivery of senior living and placement services across the US.


CAD/CAM + Metrology

For this IoT solution we reworked the embedded solar panel micro-inverter controller software and cloud-based customer and installer portal system. Once launched the system collected 1.5B data transactions per month from residential and SMB solar installations world-wide. The company is now owned by Enphase (SolarBridge - acquired by SunPower).

Access Control / COVID-19 Reopening / Employee Health Monitoring

We designed an implemented the iSelfCheck system which allows organization to present their employees and visitors to their offices with customized daily health self-assessment questionnaires and integrates touchless thermal temperature scanning hardware, installed at office entrances.


Realtime Analytics /
Call Center Integration/


We designed a patent-pending technology and algorithm that allows the real-time monitoring, qualification, and monetization of visitors of websites of large-ticket retailers. Clients range from car dealerships to trailer manufacturers. The system scores the behavior of online shoppers and automatically routes them to live sales people, based on dozens of parameters, collected going back for up to 12 months as well as updated and analyzed in real time, as users interact with websites and digital content.

Small Business Scheduling

We designed and delivered a mobile-app centric system that allows service providers to alert their clientele of openings, whether they be cancellations, last-minute openings, or expanded hours. Users can request appointments, follow their favorite providers, and check time openings.


Public Affairs / Government

In less than 10 days from inception we designed, implemented and deployed a system to support and promote participation in the 2020 US Census. The system integrates MMS messaging with image processing, back end processing, manual verification of submission and cash reward card issuance and delivery to mobile devices and digital wallets.

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