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iselfcheck, post-pandemic return-to-work solution

Panaton responds to COVID-19 with an innovative post-pandemic, managed return-to-work solution that combines collaborative employee self-certification and a controlled workplace access control system

iSelfCheck gives employees and employers a collaborative platform that enables a joint best effort to ensure a healthy workplace.

As we cautiously make our way toward relaxing COVID-19 lockdowns, many of us are starting to tackle the issues around returning to the office. In the absence of a vaccine, aspects of modern workplaces, both office and industrial, will have to change, if we are to guarantee the safe return of our employees to their normal workplaces.

Wearing masks, keeping at a distance from colleagues, and disinfecting the workspaces are often not enough to give employees confidence that the spread of infection is under control. We created iSelfCheck to give employees and employers a collaborative platform for both to make the best effort to ensure a healthy workplace.

iSelfCheck is a combination of an employee mobile app, an admin panel and reporting dashboard for the company operations and HR management, and optionally an integrated thermal skin temperature camera system and kiosk-style terminal for each office entrance.

How does iSelfCheck work?

Every day, before an employee enters a company location, they must self-certify through the mobile app that they are healthy and are feeling well. By collecting employee responses to a short survey, which takes less than ten seconds to complete, the mobile app flags the potential risks of the coronavirus’ spread. The content of the survey is managed by the company and can be modified at any time, as new symptom information becomes public.

Each employee receives a QR code that is used as a unique entry ID at the office entry point. If the survey reports a combination of symptoms that may be related to COVID-19 symptoms, according to the company policy, the mobile app politely asks the employee to stay home. Each organization has the option to modify the rules of what combination of symptoms are acceptable or not. This is essential, as the information we have and the government directions we receive change on an almost daily basis.

It is important to note that iSelfCheck implements a corporate facility entry policy and does not provide any medical or health advice, recommendation, or direction.

When an employee uses the daily iSelfCheck QR code to enter the office, at each entrance, a skin temperature, infrared camera check is performed. Using a thermal camera system is recommended because it is completely no-touch, however, it is not required. iSelfCheck allows a person’s temperature to be measured with traditional thermometers and manually entered at the entrance. In this manner, every day, the first time a person attempts to enter the premises, it checks for fever.

Although iSelfCheck was created to support the return-to-work process necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic, we expect that it will be used as a long-term office entry control system and general employee real-time self-reported health tracker system. The admin panel is highly configurable and allows the flexibility to create custom surveys and entry approval rules. The system generates powerful real-time reports about the self-accessed health status of your employees.

“iSelfCheck makes it really easy for employees to self check and keep health symptom awareness high while helping companies keep the workplace safe.” Kesa Tsuda, Principal KLT Solutions, Former SVP GlobalHuman Resources, Sony Pictures

If you want to ensure that all your employees are returning to work when they feel ready, healthy, and safe to do so, do not hesitate to contact us and to learn more about our Health-Centric Workplace Access Control System - iSelfCheck.


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