Custom Software with The Fastest Delivery

We deliver working, production-quality systems

lightning-fast: in weeks, rather than months, (or years).

We turn ideas into reality quickly, cost-efficiently, and with minimum financial and operational risks.

Best-in-class performance, security, scalability, maintainability, compliance, and total cost of ownership.

Mobile apps included. To match the modern pace of business, information density, and short attention spans UI portability, we "mobilize" most applications.

We are (mostly) platform-agnostic and deliver exceptional time-to-market with or without the use of "rapid development" frameworks.

Our current tool chest.



Years of Experience





Real Business Cases

We are a software engineering house that offers the most cost-effective product development, system integration, and information processing services with best-in-class quality.


Panaton is a small firm with big capabilities and industry-leading staff and client retention.

We specialize in the rapid delivery of fully operational products, solutions, and components that are production-ready and mostly technology agnostic. 

Our clients are a heterogeneous mix of startups, small self-funded businesses, public companies, and multinationals.

Our portfolio of projects showcases the breadth and depth of our experience and capabilities.


We Help Enterprises Scale and Transform

Ability to Deliver

We consistently deliver results that will exceed your expectations, no matter what challenges we face.


We offer fully-managed services, designed to provide clients the best aspects of predictive and preventive maintenance at competitive prices.

Communication & Trust

Building trust is essential if we are to communicate effectively with each other. We demand from ourselves the highest standards of personal and professional conduct and ethics

Added valuE

We strive to create world-class solutions, guarantee the superior performance of the team and deliver desired, measurable and sustained results. We strive to be the highest quality and value provider – not the lowest cost one.

From Big Data in your Data Lake Landfill to
Actionable Information + Real-Time Analytics

Focus on Outcomes

We will help you avoid projects that are unlikely to ever be finished. Or used.

We care most of all about the business outcome of the work we do. Not simply checking boxes on ToDo lists or meeting release dates.

Transparent Development Process with THE HighEST Professional and Ethical Standards

Dev Ops
+ Dev Sec Ops

At Panaton, DevOps is one of several standard "must-dos" that anchor all our projects.

Business Process and Data Modeling

We always anchor the systems we built in appropriate-to-task data structures and information flow definitions.

APIs and Bootstraps

We implement and externalize fully functional and documented swagger and more recently GraphQL API endpoints by default.

Core Cyber Security for Apps

We take a fundamentals-based, quantitative risk assessment approach, and perform static, build-time, vulnerability scanning of all software that we develop.

Clouds, Containers and Edges

We do not champion a single cloud, hybrid-cloud, multi-cloud, virtualized, containerized, or edge computing-centric approach as a fit-all, silver-bullet solution.

We Enable Moonshots

If it is only difficult, it is done;

If it is impossible, we shall see...

A Proven Record of RAPID Delivery and Working, usable Software: Our Clients

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