The "cloud" is about computing based on the internet. In most cases today, shifting to the cloud is the best way to ensure your business stays both current and competitive.

While in the past "digital transformation" was about things like "paperless office" and "mobile computing", today the term is associated with transitioning from on-premises to a more cloud-based information systems infrastructure.

Why Cloud?

  • Flexibility

    Cloud-based services are ideal for businesses with growing or variable information systems and bandwidth demands.


    It is very easy to scale up your cloud capacity, by simply using more of the remote servers that live in the cloud. If you need to scale down again, the flexibility is there to not have to pay for what you no longer need.

    This agility gives businesses a tangible advantage over competitors – it’s not surprising that businesses identify operational agility as a key reason for cloud adoption.

  • Lower COst

    In most cases, cloud computing lowers the high capital cost of hardware. In most cases, and certainly in the short term, the pay-as-you-go subscription-based model is kind to your cash flow.

    With the ease of instant-setup and lower-cost infrastructure management, many IT projects become more feasible and less risky.


    All businesses need and expect to have robust disaster recovery. Most businesses lack the required cash and expertise to accomplish this in-house.

    Cloud infrastructure address the majority of these concerns. In fact, cloud-based recovery solutions are readily available, often baked-into service SLAs and are offered in a variety of formats that save time, avoid large up-front investment and make third-party expertise readily available to you.


    Cloud computing offers a competitive edge by letting you access the latest applications quickly by eliminating the cost and delays of protracted deployments and installations.

    Additionally, your cloud infrastructure typically offers very high reliability, out of the box compliance with security standards,  essentially unlimited storage capacity, and high reliability.

Our Cloud Services

To truly understand and appreciate something, one needs to experience it first hand. 

Because we own and operate a specialized data center ourselves, we truly appreciate the advantages of the cloud computing offerings available today.

We started using Amazon's EC2 back in 2006. In fact, we were invited to beta test the service prior to its general availability. Since then we have helped dozens of clients migrate to AWS, build systems, and implement IT projects that take advantage of the broad technology offerings that AWS offers today.

A recent success story in this area is Kount, who was just acquired by Equifax. When their aging on-premises PHP/Oracle centric fraud-detection system hit a limit of a few thousand transactions per second, they turned to us to prototype a solution. Within a few weeks, we demonstrated an AWS-based system that was an order of magnitude more performant. Kount embraced the cloud approach and never looked back.

As Microsoft-certified ISVs for over 25 years, it was also natural for us to embrace the Azure cloud offering, which brings the benefits of the superb Microsoft technology ecosystem. In many ways, a more traditional business is easier to migrate to Azure, as it seamlessly integrates with the in-place, familiar, and well-understood Microsoft office applications, active directory, SQL Server, Sharepoint, and all the rest.

Last, but not least we work extensively with Google cloud, which is a great fit for large AI and machine learning loads and as a back-end for mobile-first applications.


While public cloud services are very much the usual focus and topic of discussion, for many businesses and circumstances a pure public cloud solution is impractical, inappropriate, or simply not viable.

We bring a sophisticated understanding of these challenges, with deep expertise in private networking, edge computing systems, containerization, and virtualization. It is not by chance that VMWARE's offshore office constantly tries to poach our staff from across the street...

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