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We love working with startups and entrepreneurs.

It's easy (and cost-effective) to turn your idea into working software with us, or to elevate your new business with custom technology solutions.

StartUp & Incubator Engagement Package

Over the years, the most personally and professionally rewarding projects we have worked on have been the early-startup ones.

The entrepreneurial adrenaline, intellectual challenge, and freedom to craft innovation in your very own way, will be eclipsed only on the day your business turns profitable, and maybe on the day when your first term-sheet arrives.

So, we asked ourselves: “Who do we want to work with, given a choice?” and the answer was obvious: “Startups and entrepreneurs!”.

We then asked, “What can we do, to make us easy to work with? How do we provide real, tangible value, at no risk and preferably minimum cash outway to a startup, yet support a long-term pipeline of projects that we get a chance to work on (and get paid for) in the long-term?”

Our answer is the "Startup Engagement Package".

We often meet entrepreneurs that do not come from software and/or hardware technical background or have somewhat limited real-life experience. They are faced with a dilemma – roll the dice and bring in a personal acquaintance with relevant skills, or look outside for a proven, experienced professional?

Both approaches present the same problem – they require a commitment to be made to an individual, and it is difficult to set the expectation that you may need to part ways after only a few months, for one reason or another. We have found usually it is not a good idea to make your cousin’s brother-in-law, who “builds apps”, your CTO.

Other material considerations are the credibility and gravitas of someone less experienced when you are pitching to prospective investors, or the equity you may have to part with to bring in a “brand name” technologist.

We offer an alternative engagement – one that requires no commitment, no equity, and no cash outlay.

We will work with you to put together everything you need to prepare the technology portion of a fundraising package. We stand behind our work – if needed, we will be happy to stand next to you in front of a VC partner meeting and field questions about delivering, operating, and scaling the technology portion of your business.


We have 30+ years of experience with dozens of VC, PE fundings, and IPOs that we have been involved in. We will give you the credibility of a technology risk mitigator that is “the next best to a sure thing”.


Our goal and value proposition is to remove technology risk as a top-of-mind consideration and objection from a potential investor and to let you focus on the important stuff - how to market and sell your products and ideas.

We propose to do this at no cost to you and no implied commitment for follow-on work.

These are the topics we would like to talk about during our first meeting.

Receive Our StartUp Proposal

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