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Raw material. 




Actionable Information.


Consumable Insights.

The many flavors of data Management we work with

SQL Databases

Our expertise with SQL databases goes deeper than what you will find with the majority of software development shops.

As far back as the early nineties, we wrote (on SUN-1 workstations) storage manager and data-blade code for the Illustra object-relational database, which is now part of the the IBM Informix UDB.


Both MarkLogic, who were the original XML database, and MongoDB, back when they were called 10gen, are former clients of ours.

We have extensive experience building systems that use document and semi-structured storage. We were early adopters and one of the top-3 mongoDB Atlas users for a time, with a system we built for one of our cybersecurity clients.​

Last, but not least, a number of our custom real-time analytics implementations  utilize in-memory database technology from Redis and KeyDB

Novel IP and PAtents

We focus on long-term success and meaningful outcomes for our clients. This helps us establish incredibly close working relationships to the point that we work on combined teams to solve difficult problems that occasionally result in patentable claims.

Here is an example of a data-related patent we contributed to a client's portfolio.


One of our sister companies is Ontotext, the authors of GraphDB - a direct competitor and in most cases (we think) a superior technology to Neo4J and AWS Neptune.

We build semantic and NLP-centric systems that require RDF storage and sophisticated inference capabilities.


We have delivered Vertica and Greenplum-based systems and are very well conversant with Google BigTable infrastructure.

We are yet to do our first Snowflake project, but the future surely looks bright.

Old School

We would love to help you with any ISAM, CICS, Pick, dBase, FoxPro, Clarion, FileMaker Pro, Paradox, R:Base, Sybase or ObjectSotre projects you may still be relying on.

Of course, we would strongly advise you to transition to a different core technology at this point...


While we spend a lot of time architecting, finding, extracting, cleaning, storing, sharding, replicating, normalizing, and deduplicating data, all of that is only the starting point.

Data by itself is not useful. What is needed is information. The real value-add is the synthesis of actionable, concise, auditable, and easily comprehensible information out of the blizzard of raw data that is thrown at us daily.

BigData is a "thing" only because we must handle it, make sense of it, and turn it into, or maybe even replace it with "smart data" to ultimately produce information.


Your Business may not need to be Faster than a speeding bullet, but your decision-making loop does...


Recently, one of our best clients challenged us to explain plainly why they should invest in real-time analytics capability.

Our project lead came up with the perfect explanation, which we have now adopted as the "official elevator pitch". She said:

"The difference between real-time analytics and the report dashboards you have today is like the difference between a defibrillator now, or EKG tomorrow, if your business is about to have a heart attack..." 


Naturally, we decided that we also want a solution that can be deployed "instantly".

This is what we did.    (video pitch)

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