System Integration

Modern organizations operate dozens, often hundreds of different software applications.

Getting just a few critical ones to work together can be a daunting task.

Getting most of them "integrated" requires not just technical expertise, but business acumen, selectivity, and a little common sense.

Software Integration Services

  • Authentication Authorization, SSO and MFA

    Any modern enterprise that does not have in place user authentication security infrastructure, including multi-factor verification is in actual danger of unpleasant security or ransom-ware breaches.

    More sophisticated organizations require application and data authorization management, and single sign-on, as well as handling of consolidated corporate and private identities.

    We bring extensive and pragmatic expertise in these areas. Our first major engagement with these types of systems and technologies was in 1999, with Norwegian startup Metamerge, which IBM acquired and rebranded as the Tivoli Directory Integrator.

    Today we utilize mobile authenticator apps, Duo Security from Cisco, OAuth2 SSO, KeyCloack, and a number of other technologies to address these integration needs.

  • Multi-Point, RUle-BASED Data Integration

    Most software platforms and systems today offer integration APIs. There are also many choices of enterprise busses, queue systems, and ETL tools.

    And yet, to actually get any two system endpoints to exchange data, or even better,  to bi-directionally synchronize data, remains a non-trivial task.

    Sooner or later, the time comes when one can no longer rely on naive implementations that do not take into account application exceptions, network failure, storage errors, out-of-sync timestamps, queue and buffer overflows and long-running transactions.

    At that time a proper system integration effort is required.

    We understand and have solved multiple times for the issues that encumber successful data integrations - data quality, provenance, primary-foreign and natural key matching, reclassification, time-series and time-zone re-bucketing and reconciliation.

  • Avoid the Open Source Blues

    Open source is wonderful, as long as we never forget the TAANSTAFL rule.

    First, we have to get all the pieces working together, across hundreds of git repositories, NPM package versions, pip packages, crates, maven dependencies, abandoned open source repositories, undocumented protocols, and often buggy libraries.

    We must then ensure that component updates never happen unintentionally, collect all software licenses, and reconcile them with company policy and commercial requirements.

    The reality is that the moment we clone an open-source repository for our own use, we have to be prepared and equipped/staffed to own it, as it may be abandoned or have its license changed overnight.


  • Embedded, IoT & Consumer& Industrial  Electronics

    Some of our most successful and challenging work has been on projects that require true "full stack" integration.

    Starting with custom PCB hardware and building custom OS kernels and drivers, then deploying embedded application software, including local persistent file and database storage. Implementing remote telemetry collection, license tracking and software updates and finally bringing it all together with end-user mobile apps and cloud portal interfaces.

    Our most recent work in this area won two CES best-of-show and most-innovative awards for two separate clients in residential cybersecurity and remote power transfer for mobile devices. We have also complete systems for solar panel microinverter management, remote power transfer for sensors, and cellular greenhouse environmental sensors.

EVENT DriveN Integration

In this example, we used node-red for real-time integration between a Mongo-DB Atlas instance and a Postgres database

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