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Business Applications

Our focus is on delivering successful outcomes for our customers. Producing best-in-class software is not enough if it is not adopted and if it does not make our clients’ businesses work better. We do not consider a project a success, just because it passes a client acceptance milestone. We work to ensure that any system we deliver adds long-term value to the customer and its TCO makes sense.

Effective Process

Why should we be the ones to help you with your business applications?

It will not be because we will make you yet another generic offer of cheap rates and “full-stack” developers.


We are all tired of cold calls and spam from outsourcing companies. (Yes, some of our less ... sophisticated... competitors quite often fail to do even the most basic homework and call to offer us their services.)

Instead, we would like an opportunity to demonstrate what makes our company different, and hopefully better.

We are not in the business of writing code.

Our business is to design, build, and operate information-centric systems that you can confidently grow your businesses on.

We focus on outcomes, always asking “How does this project help our client succeed?” We pay particular attention to optimizing the total cost for the lifecycle of the project, not just the next milestone.

If you want to make the most capital-efficient investment in software development and system integration – we are confident that we can earn, and keep your business.

We believe that our experience and the results we have demonstrated time and again, are outstanding.


The proof is in the dozens of our recent customer projects that are represented by in-production systems, with client references that you can speak to directly.

When we select and recommend technology stacks and toolchains, we consider our clients’ existing investment in team, technology, and infrastructure. We try to understand the expertise, priorities, and focus of the product management, IT and software teams, and the CISO office. We consider the costs of hiring local talent and, of course, the business’ budgetary considerations both in the short and long term.

We operate with complete transparency, honesty and demand the highest standards of professional and personal ethics.


We strive for a balance between confidence, driven by professional experience, and ego-free decision-making.

We strive to be at least as reliable as your FTEs. In almost 30 years of operations, having employed over 1,000 software engineers, we have never had an Intellectual Property or conflict of interest issue or competitive conflict with a client. In fact, with many of our clients, we develop a level of trust and cooperation that has allowed us to jointly author patents, and to help with sales calls and investor relations.

We have learned that one size does not fit all and tailor our engagements appropriately to fit the needs of our clients.


Every project we engage in considers the trade-offs between requirements management, real-time milestone tracking, performance and scalability considerations, branch-by-feature source control, pull-request driven peer code review, continuous integration, test automation, DevOps, business continuation/disaster recovery, cybersecurity, and the cost of support, operations and planned technology obsolescence.*

We ask a lot of questions, and often make a lot of suggestions and proposals. We do this because we want to understand what drives your business to success and try to eliminate the noise and distractions of irrelevancies. When working with us do not expect to hear an immediate “Yes” to every ask. You can, however, be confident, that by the end of the conversation, your stakeholders and/or product team will have understood, embraced, and committed to a course of action that your organization has set and is comfortable with.

We believe that it must be easy to do business with us. We embrace the “one hand to shake, one throat to choke” style of client relationship management. At a minimum, we offer a dedicated technical program manager, who resides (not just works) close to your time zone and can interact with you with communication fluency. (Or put simply, while we all have accents, you will not have to guess what we are trying to say.)

We invite you, with no further implied or assumed obligation, to spend an hour with us (with or without an NDA in place).


Whether you have an immediate need and deadline, a lagging product roadmap, or would like to brainstorm concepts or ideas, we believe that we can have an engaging and productive conversation. Of course, we do want to pitch you on our services and capabilities and the best way to do that is when we answer in-depth any and all questions you may have.

After that, we will wait for you to call us. We won’t call you unless you ask us to.

* This is not a bad attempt to sneak-in the list of buzzwords past you – we do consider these relevant. For our interpretation of these terms, please see our Glossary page.

Case Study: Business Process Optimization
for a Franchise Management Company

Client Name: Oasis Senior Advisors®

Challenge: A free, community-based referral service, Oasis Senior Advisors (OSA) combines its consultants’ local knowledge with its proprietary OasisIQ™ software to examine an elderly client’s lifestyle, finances, health, and other factors and uses that data to help them or their loved ones find the retirement residence that will best meet their needs.


However, while the OasisIQ software is a powerful competitive differentiator, the understaffed OSA IT team was struggling to keeping up with needed enhancements, much less address typical bugs. Another complicating factor was that OasisIQ was hosted on-premises, in a local data center, that provided minimum support. It offered no redundancy, monitoring, and no ability to scale cost effectively.


The challenge was to modernize the OasisIQ infrastructure and software,  transition to a Cloud environment and maximize Dev/Ops processes, in order to provide needed support to the existing IT department, with the ultimate goal to develop a stable, modern hosting platform.


An added complexity was the close integration of OasisIQ with Microsoft Exchange and calendar. As part of its franchise offering Oasis provides email and calendar services to their franchisees. This required any system upgrade and conversion to be done in such a way as to minimize to time the system would be unavailable to users and most importantly to ensure that franchises would not miss or lose any emails or apporntments.


Solution: The Panaton solution was designed to upgrade both the OasisIQ platform itself and OASIS’s development and support teams by:

  1. optimizing and refactoring the OasisIQ code to create a solid, scalable foundation that met industry standards and HIPAA compliance

  2. transferring responsibility for platform stabilization and scalability from OSA to Panaton

  3. putting together a dedicated IT team consisting of Panaton software engineers and core members of the client’s original IT team

  4. moving OasisIQ from the data center to the Cloud, where OSA could take advantage of built-in redundancy, scalability, performance consistency, system monitoring, and enhanced cost controls

Results: OSA has been able to upgrade its operations on two fronts:

  1. working on a stable, powerful, scalable, easy-to-manage software platform that enables the company to live up to its consumer promise now hosted in the Azure Cloud

  2. forming a robust IT team with the manpower and expertise to develop more powerful enhancements and features for the OASIS IQ platform actually lowering the total number of full time software and IT staff required to support the project (across both the OASIS and Panaton teams)

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