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We provide technology specifically tuned to the unique needs of construction companies:

We aspire to make superb technology available to contractors at an affordable price. 

Our experience shows that construction company KPIs can be fine-tuned to offer much more efficient measures of performance, compared to generic management-consulting truisms.

We focus on optimizing the bidding process,  examining bid vs. actual performance, tracking contract changes in real-time, focusing on labor costs, and understanding the supply chain all the way to the source of raw materials, our solutions address the pragmatic needs of the construction business.

COnstruction Use Cases:

General Contractor

Successful General Contractors are focused on providing a favorable range of profit and schedule outcomes; Oropala’s products and services provide deeper insight into projects and operations, helping GC’s maintain profit and delight their customers.


Specialty Trade Contractor

Get the data you need to track, analyze and measure jobsite performance for increased productivity and decreased risk. Our solutions offer deeper insights for specialty and trade contractors, including electrical, mechanical, and excavating contractors.


Utility Contractor

Measure damage prevention performance with world class software for utility contractors. Assess data by crew, performance per particular client, and performance history. Compare to industry averages based on location, type of client or task for improved insights to the field.

20210315 Oropala CY Screenshot
2021 Construcion Yearbook
20210315 Shovelsafe

oropala / Shovelsecure

When Oropala was founded, the company partnered with Panaton, Fortune 500 utilities and a Fortune 500 pipeline company to develop safety tracking software that would support a safety initiative across North America. The products developed are used broadly today by over 1500 contractors and utilities.

  • The applications run in a stable, powerful, scalable environment hosted in the Azure Cloud

  • App features are extensive, including, but not limited to:

    • Customer registration, onboarding and certification

    • Document management

    • Data administration, analysis and performance tracking

    • Online billing / payments

    • User management, including roles-based accounts

    • SMS messaging & chat

    • Integrations with external APIs

  • Panaton’s team of developers, QA and product / program managers enable Oropala to continually update their product offerings, stay modern and adjust to customer desires

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