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Call Center and telecom

Our Experience and positioning:

Telecommunications are a challenging field to be in, as it requires a very specialized set of skills, knowledge, and experience. 

Even more importantly, you need discipline and staying power to quickly acquire the newest tech skills and eagerly retire obsolete technology. We are proud of our large graveyard of now-obsolete expertise because it gives us the perspective and experience to anticipate what comes next.

For example, a few years ago we identified what we believed was the long-pole in the core stack of 5G technologies - the lack of physical 5G-NR parts and infrastructure. Beyond all the marketing hoopla, the bottom line is that there are no mobile devices today that can effectively advantage of the bandwidth reserved in bands n79 and n77, for example, because the front-end module RF SAW and BAW filters that handle 4G in our current mobile devices, perform very poorly in these wide-bandwidth, high-frequency bands

The only company that has invented and patented a novel technology, which offers passband IL and stopband rejection performance adequate to the task at bandwidths of 800MHz+, and is able to build BAW filters using SAW foundry processes, is one of our clients and takes advantage of our software development services to manage specifications, tapeouts, acoustic FEM simulations, and integrations with EDA tools.

Of course, we also cover the more mundane aspects of telecom systems, which may not be as cutting edge, but without which no operator, exchange or MVNO can operate.

Billing platform expertise: covers all business models within the telecom industry, including prepaid, postpaid, and wholesale scenarios. The system provides flexible ratings, assignment of personal modifiers, and day masks, and supports limited credit, debit, and credit types of clients.  Carrier Management provides daily statistics about carrier-to-carrier or provider-to-provider traffic, least-cost routing, and real-time settlement.

VOIP Call-Center Solutions:

We build custom workflows for call centers for direct marketing, warranty and consumer product service & support, and sales outsourcing. With custom CRM integration, intelligent call routing to office and home agent locations, and real-time analytics, our custom solutions can be defined, developed, and deployed in just a few weeks. 

OUr Telecom and mobile technologies graveyard:

While some of these technologies are truly "dead" others are very much alive and actively used, yet have become very much run-of-the-mill commodities, hardly worth mentioning as differentiators or unique capabilities, although at the time when they were introduced, there was tremendous hype and excitement about them.

Over the years we became experts in all of them, built numerous applications, and had many happy customers, excited to be on the cutting edge of the times.

Today, of course, the mobile application development field has narrowed to the Android and IOS ecosystems and is slowly stagnating, as Apple and Google exert more monopolistic control over the ability of independent developers to innovate.

We are looking forward to the time when a "Bell Break-Up" event occurs. In the meantime, we have dozens of apps in production, however, they are typically in the enterprise and supporting business model spaces, rather than stand-alone revenue-generating software assets.

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