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Sustainable Energy

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We help solve your challenges in introducing secure, reliable, and hybrid architectures to address regulatory pain points and complex, often high-maintenance IT infrastructures. Constant improvement of your business requires management, maintenance, and operational systems that use the latest in big data, cloud, IoT, mobile, and web technologies.

energy sector Use cases we can help you with

» CIP vulnerability & patch management

» Cybersecurity, supply chain, and 3rd party risk

» Control, SCADA, and air-gapped systems vulnerability management

» ERP enhancements, integration, & legacy code maintenance

» Industrial plant emission, carbon footprint, and discharge management

» Energy generation and distribution data warehousing, real-time analytics, and financial analysis

» Solar micro-inverter power controller embedded software

» SCADA and end-user data portal systems

» Nuclear power plant equipment predictive-failure modeling

» Residential, Commercial and SMB Solar Power Installer mobile applications

» Conversion from traditional infrastructure to hybrid-cloud and edge-computing architecture

» Evolve from hardware virtualization to containerization of applications

» Energy distribution and outage management

» Renewables generation monitoring, analytics, load balancing, and forecasting

» Efficiently deploy and integrate customized suites and platforms developed for your industry, including monitoring, data visualization, performance analysis, and customer engagement

» Asset management and preventative maintenance

» Field mobility integration

» Equipment telemetry and sensor data collection with sub-second real-time analytics and rule-based alarm triggers over 10k+ data collection events per second

CASE STUDY: Cloud-Based, Custom Branded Solar Power Generation Monitoring Solution



Panaton has developed, on behalf of our clients, large-scale, cloud-based, PV monitoring solutions. We have deep expertise in implementing both embedded data collection, monitoring and control applications that run on-premises, as well as the cloud-based centralized data collection and analysis systems.


Big-data scalability


In the first year of operation one of our customers’ systems collected, processed, and analyzed over 4Billion individual data records.




As part of the turn-around effort at a Texas-based PV startup, in 6 months we re-engineered, replaced from the ground-up, and deployed a system that the initial development effort failed to deliver in over two years. We did this at a quarter of the total cost and without interrupting the operation of the partially deployed legacy systems.


Industry expertise


Our deep knowledge of the PV Industry and its worldwide infrastructure drives system designs that take into account and accommodate the needs of the entire supply chain of panel manufacturers, distributors, installers, central and micro-inverter equipment makers, project financing organizations, and PV system owners – from large industrial and utility grade systems to individual ACPV home site owners.


Global reach


We have helped our customers deploy systems in North America, Taiwan, Australia, Europe, and China. Our systems are built from the ground up to support operations in an international, multi-time zone, and multi-currency environment


Our service offering


We provide our software system development, deployment, and operations services to companies that would like to offer custom, branded energy generation monitoring solutions to their customers and their channels. Our cloud-based deployment easily allows a manufacturer to drill down to individual sites from a world-wide map, an installer to get unified alerts and performance figures for all of their sites and clients, and for a finance group to track asset performance in real-time.


Mobile enablement


Our fully integrated implementations provide both site owner and installer phone and tablet applications. These mobile tools decrease time on site, truck rolls and help optimize service scheduling. The end results are happier customers and more profitable sites.

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