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Retail & Consumer Products

Our Thinking:

The Retail and consumer products global business models are evolving rapidly. Regardless of who the new winners are, we believe that two things will remain true.

#1 Successful consumer product companies will rely more and more heavily on information technology, because only combined, "Circular" strategies that look holistically at brand development, product advertising, physical, and digital e-commerce retail will succeed. 

#2 Physical retail stores will change and evolve but are unlikely to disappear in our lifetimes.

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Retail & Consumer Products Technology, projects and CASE STUDIES



Our SalesForceSpeed solution is the ultimate online-to-physical sales cross-over system. 

For retailers who sell high-ticket items with both physical stores and sales personnel, as well as e-commerce and website presence, SFS provides a real-time connection between pre-qualified shoppers and your sales staff.

We apply the same core technology used for e-commerce fraud detection to assemble a digital shopper profile, but we use it to score the engagement factor of your website visitor and to determine the right moment in time to present them with a promotion, ad, or a live connection to a salesperson.

The solution uses cutting-edge in-memory database and queue processing technologies and our proprietary real-time analytics back-end.


Naturally, mobile applications for the sales staff are part of the package and allow a salesperson to interact with a potential customer at any time.

The solution was first implemented for our long-term client Pure Influencer and is used by hundreds of car dealerships. The platform is applicable for any high-ticket retail product line - appliances, jewelry, commercial-automotive, real estate, electronics, marine, motorcycle, RV, aviation, and other verticles.

The success of the technology was acknowledged (page 31) by the prestigious Automotive Ventures monthly auto-intel report, which pointed to PureInfluencer as a top-10 company to watch.

2021 PureInfluencer Automotive Ventures


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Loyax is our complete, white-label platform for building custom loyalty solutions. It includes support for traditional loyalty cards, smartphone digital cards, multiple merchant locations, brand or merchant loyalty, merchant configurable programs, and all the rest of typical social media, advertising, and marketing capabilities. 

Our customers receive custom-branded mobile applications, that we modify to their specific needs, plus unique capabilities that are beyond the scope of generic online loyalty offerings.

For example, one of the many unique features Loyax offers are the module that allows merchants or shopping centers to scan and OCR shopper receipts and calculate loyalty points earned based on the actual money spent at a location.

Our custom loyalty solutions enable some of the most successful private loyalty businesses around the world. A recent example is SBAXXESS, headquartered in Santa Barbara, California.

2021 Sbaxxess Website.png



Photo by Heidi Sandstrom from StockSnap

The Marketvisia(tm) suite of solutions was created as a customizable platform that enables retailers to identify and segment customer categories, preferences and anticipate behavior. MARKETvidia™ manages aggregated digital customers' identities, in order to tailor communication, and targetted advertising, promotional offers, and physical on-site real-time promotions in the modern combined retail + e-commerce environment.

We go beyond the purely digital profiling of customer identities and combine it with physical in-store tracking for comprehensive analytics. Our solutions can use facial recognition at the store to classify shoppers by gender, age, and track behavior at and reactions to retail displays. 

What is unique technologically is that we do not collect facial recognition data and send it out to the cloud, which is bandwidth-intensive, inefficient, and creates privacy issues. Instead, our complete, trained AI system is deployed as an individual, edge-deployed NVIDIA Jetson-based devices.

Our implementation employs deep learning neural network and random forests algorithms that we have trained millions of tagged images.

The platform integrates the visual information with CRM and loyalty systems, in order to improve customer experience and enable more sophisticated customer profile and behavior analytics.

Another use case supported by the platform is Reactive Digital Signage. With real-time facial recognition technology, we can identify customers – as first-time visitors or repeat shoppers, as they enter the retail premises. The information is used to bring up purchasing history and loyalty program information and allows staff to offer personalized, inform greetings and interaction with the client, or for automatic delivery of tailored promotions.

The traditional retail layout analysis use cases are of course also supported. Basic and intelligent heat maps (combined with demographic and digital profile data), visitor counting, return visits, endcap capture rates.

Retail & Consumer Products
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