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Analyzing Scans


areas where we have extensive experience and ongoing engagement:

» Patient phenotype and genetic profile management
Custom Laboratory LIMS integration & Biobank Systems

» Healthcare management               

» EMR/EHR systems and integration  

» IHE interoperability profiles           

» Insusurance claim processing       

» Bio-feedback treatment                 

» Bioinformatics

» Metabolomic-analysis diagnostics and drug discovery

The platform we developed for 1health delivers end-to-end solutions to help labs streamline their processes, gain efficiencies, and enhance their accessibility while our flexible APIs enable lab customers to drive better patient engagement and compliance through uniquely accessible and impactful solutions.

​The platform allows labs to bring their test compendium to market, both for clinical ordering and direct-to-consumer, in a matter of days and bridges the challenges presented by legacy EHR/EMRs and lab LIMS systems. Configurable workflows allow unlimited variations and fine-tuning of the testing process. Direct support for dry labs makes the launching of modern genetic tests like PGX and CGX a fast and easy process.


With built-in e-commerce solutions integrations and APIs, we can bring a 3rd party white-labeled test to the direct-to-consumer channel literally overnight. Payor pre-approval verification, RCM integration, optional cash pay, government reporting for toxicology results and immunization events, patient family management, kit, and supplier management, nationwide asynchronous prescription network, and telehealth test proctoring services are standard out-of-the-box capabilities. 

A built-in Clinical Decision Support system maps diseases to the most appropriate tests used to screen, diagnose and treat them with the appropriate CPT, ICD9 / ICD10, LOINC, and SNOMED coding.


This multi-tenant, cloud-first solution redefines the capabilities available to independent and captive labs.


Diabetes Management

Diabetes-M is our world-class diabetes management solution

20210307 Diabetes-M.png

Medical Records

Medrec-M is our personal medical records management platform.

Stuttering Treatment

MPI-2 is our joint-venture developed stuttering clinical treatment platform.

20210307 MPI2 For Website.png

ELECTRONIC MedicaL Records

Converting paper to electronic medical records is one of the most challenging systems integration use cases we have encountered. Our client's idea was to embed scanning workflow software directly into brand-name OEM MFS devices from Ricoh, Konica-Minolta, and Fujitsu and integrate them directly into clinic and hospital EMRs.


In just a few months our team implemented the workflow on three separate embedded platforms and successfully passed 12 IHE integration profiles at the annual coonectathon. With the added HL7 integration the solution was available for the most popular EMR systems.

While the technology was viable, the business model was not, and since then the client has pivoted into a fax-replacement service for medical records. For us, this project remains a case study of overcoming non-trivial integration challenges and implementing software on sub-optimal (at the time) platforms like embedded Windows XP.

2-210207 Inofile CharMD.png
20210327 ChartMD Ricoh Konica.png


PetsBest is one of our favorite clients. After all, there is no other office where there are more cute pets around than harried product managers!

We helped PetsBest with their back-office claim processing process. We built an OCR and machine-learning powered claims classifier system that examines each submitted for payment invoice from a veterinary clinic, breaks it down to individual line items, classifies them by procedure and coverage, and makes an initial decision if the claim should be paid or placed in a review queue for a human to examine.


Medical Research &
Drug Discovery

Through the technology stack of our sister company Ontotext, we offer custom solutions for:

Discovery in Clinical Trials

Quickly and easily find the information you need to address requests from regulatory agencies or design your research activities.

Medical Coding of Patient Records

Break the productivity barriers and transform the raw patient data into structured knowledge.

Knowledge Graph Powered Drug Discovery

Extract knowledge and provide provenance for each underlying fact that supports your scientific research.

Semantic search

Develop custom patient classifications specific to the different therapeutic areas using a high-level semantic query language.

Advanced Drug Safety Analytics

Uncover hidden patterns, new correlations, and trends that can support stakeholders in taking PV-related business decisions.

Pharma Regulatory Intelligence

Boost your Pharma Regulatory Intelligence by interlinking your data to improve the availability and accessibility of high-quality information across the enterprise.

Medical Coding.png
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