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Consumer Electronics

Our Expertise in Consumer Electronics includes:

» Turnkey product software design for custom hardware, including boot manager, OS kernel, hardware drivers

» Consumer electronics product-specific portals  - supporting automatic "push" firmware updates, customer service, and warranty/return handling

» Device reliability, usability, distribution take-up, and field management analytics.

» Custom packaging design, with specific expertise using our own CAD/CAM software for complex corrugated cardboard 3D folds and cutting optimization 

Reference: Enterprise-Grade Cyber Security for Smart Homes

Fortress UTM Marketing Video

Launched in 2017, the Fortress UTM was designed to secure computers, smart devices and Internet of Things (IoT) systems with intrusion detection and prevention, firewall and anti-virus for all Wi-Fi and IoT/Ethernet attached systems, including smart devices and also provides attacker behavior detection and device vulnerability assessments.

The Fortress UTM PLUS uses patented technology, which we contributed to as inventors,  for its innovative combination of home security and cyber security functionality within one physical device, with packet-processing rule sets bases on predicted attack vectors and related attach probabilities. With home and network security in a single appliance, the Fortress UTM PLUS is able to deliver a “Total Life Security” solution to ensure consumers can track all components of their security needs via a single device with a single help line for questions about any aspect of their life security.

The Fortress UTM PLUS is an innovative security home-hub that provides enterprise-level cyber security for the home, including robust home security integration, parental controls and cyber-identity monitoring. Users simply select the desired level of security and appliance does the rest. Security levels allow users to adjust system behaviors such as event-based notifications and automated actions. All product features are manageable via touchscreen or mobile apps.

In addition to its integrated home security patent, this solution is also patented for its innovative “command & control” network functionality that delivers optimum protection of connected devices through packet-processing rule sets based on predicted attack vectors and related attack probabilities. It also provides enterprise-grate protection for personal, business and smart home use. The Fortress appliance is powered by an ARM processor from NXP Semiconductor and features dual band 3/3 802.11ac Wi-Fi full router capabilities and 4 Gigabit-Ethernet ports.

NXP Semiconductors CES Presentation

Reference: Wireless Charging

Energous, a public, pre-revenue patent portfolio wireless charging company, which had a great deal of expertise in RF design, but little to no software product capability, hires us to develop their Wattup software platform.

We wrote and integrated portions of the remote wireless power transmitter and receiver application code, all the IoT stack components, the cloud-based portal and fleet management system, end-user registration, and hands-free device network discovery pieces, as well as the APIs used to implement the mobile app power charging software.

In a classic silicon-valley startup storybook fashion, Energous had sign-up for a major CES 2015 showcase, yet only 3 weeks before the start of the show, we did not have final hardware and a number of our software components were operating on simulators only.

Two 100-hour weeks later we and the client were able to bring everything together, ship, and install demo systems at the private suite reserved at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas and start demonstrations for press and investors.

One more week later we learned that we had won a best-of-show award!

20210307 2015 CES Award Energous.png

And in 2017 Energous won a second CES award.

20210307 2017 CES Award Energous.png
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