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Process Complexity

Our expert knowledge and operational understanding of banking processes are acquired over decades of hands-on experience deploying and supporting production systems around the world.

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Logical Banking Process Components


Every banking business process requires IT instrumentation that is subject to the most stringent quality, security, and auditability requirements.
The complexity of integrating the infrastructure of banking systems is something we can help you manage successfully and cost-effectively.

Our RETAIl BANKING Expertise includes:

» Oracle Flex cube implementation and integration

» Temenos implementation and integration

» Customer service chatbot implementation Banking-specific multi-channel CRM systems

» KYC systems for retail accounts and wealth management

KYC compliance system, using semantical analysis of social media presence and materials

» Statement generation, printing, and managed paperless delivery SMS and NFC powered Mobile payments

» Native mobile banking apps


» Online B2B escrow systems Currency trading software

» Equity research authoring workflow

» Bank-card clearing network implementation & operation

» Full web & mobile banking suite

CASe STUDIES: IT Solutions for Banking / Finance / Fintech

Mobile Notifications for Banking Transactions

Use Case: Bank Account Transaction Notification


Requirements: Account-holders choose one or many notifications channels and receive instant notifications when all, or select types of transactions, post to their accounts.


Solution: The solution is a customer self-service, Internet and/or mobile banking integrated service that allows bank clients to choose to be notified when transactions post to their accounts. We leverage our mobile and Internet B2C experience with 20+ years of expertise in implementing and integrating core banking systems to offer a flexible, easy-to-use customer experience. Account-holders may choose to be notified of all transactions,
or ones that exceed certain amounts, are charged to certain accounts, or to some previously known or unknown vendors.


Users select from multiple communication channels like text messaging, mobile app push, Twitter, Facebook or other social media messaging as well as traditional email. This adds another layer of self-managed fraud prevention capabilities, as well as an enhanced customer experience. The solution allows the bank clients easy monitoring of the spending of multiple family members or employees against one or more accounts and/or types of transactions.


The solution can also be modified to provide real-time transaction approval/denial and even integrate with telephony and text-to-speech platforms and be made available to the visually and hearing impaired.

Real Time Analysis for a Financial Services Industry Provider


Use Case: Electronic Payments Fraud Protection


Requirements: Sub-second Risk Evaluation, API Service, End-User Configurable Rules Engine, Unlimited Segmentation of Rule Sets, Real-Time Provisioning, Low Cost, 5K+ TRX per Second Out of the Box


Solution: We leverage pre-built components to offer customized fraud detection deployment and integration to financial services institutions. This allows our clients to set, deploy and reconfigure risk scoring rules at any time, based on different historical behavior time horizons and with any number of variations by region, type of account, type of merchant, and any other relevant criteria.


Our solution is available both as a cloud-hosted, fully turn-key, managed service, or at the other end of the spectrum, as a custom on-premises deployment, suitable for deep integration with existing systems.


With fast customization and integration, the solution offers best in class price-performance and TCO. We have 20+ years of experience integrating core banking systems and bring not only technical prowess but also an in-depth understanding of the business.

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